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The WebComposition/DGS is the first element of the fourth generation of the WebComposition approach. This approach was first introduced at the WWW6 conference in 1997 as an object-oriented approach for Web Engineering. Today, the WebComposition approach abstracts the development and evolution of Web-based solutions by composing Web components – i.e. a Web-based solution is seen as set of Web components. These components address different perspectives of an application, i.e. content-perspective (aspects related to data and semantics), UIXperspective (aspects related to the user interface experience), and DSA-perspective (aspects related to distributed system and architecture behavior). As such the WebComposition approach extremely focuses on reuse, by taking two concepts of reuse of components of different perspectives into account:

  1. Development of Web components for reuse, i.e. the creation of reusable units that implement a certain perspective or corresponding aspect.
  2. Development of solutions by reusing existing Web components, i.e. the creation of a compositionsystem that enables the composition of existing Web components to complete Web applications/solutions.
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